Everyday Challenges of a Real Estate Photographer, part 2: Custom Jobs

Almost every agent that hires a photographer or media marketer has a preferred style and likes to do things in a certain way. Apart from making their photography and marketing visually and contextually appealing, their own “style” is what helps make them unique and differentiates them from the crowd.

Most photographers and media marketers like to do things based on templates, but don’t fall into the trap of making everything into a “cookie-cutter” process. In the end, if you want to earn (AND KEEP) someone’s business, you have to roll with these creative “punches”.


Here are a few tips we use to help make the process of customization and personalization a little easier:

(1) Open Communication.
Talk with the agent prior to the job, so that everyone is on the same page regarding what is expected for the project. A little preparation makes the process a LOT easier, and let’s face it, no one likes surprises when it comes to business.

(2) Be straightforward and honest.
There may be times when the client is asking you do to do something that you either have never done before, don’t know if you can do, or know you can’t do very well. Let this be known. It may seem counterproductive, and the last thing you want them to do is go elsewhere for business. Trust us: honesty is the best policy. They will be far more upset with you for deceiving them when they see results that are lower than their expectations (and yes, they will notice and eventually realize your weren’t being honest).

(3) Compromise & Offer Alternatives.
If they are asking for something unrealistic – or something that you can’t do – before saying “No, I can’t/won’t do that,” offer them a compromise along the lines of something you can offer them. This opens everything up for discussion, and occasionally, they’ll even come to the conclusion that your suggestion is more what they wanted anyway. Above all, it shows that you are making an effort to work with them and customize a job specific to their needs. That will win you big points.

Any other suggestions when it comes to Custom Real Estate Jobs? Let us know, so we can keep the thread going.

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