Photo and Video Shoot Preparation Checklist

In order to get the most out of your appointment please have the property prepared as you would for an Open House.

Payment Terms:

Deposit is due within 24 hours of your job request. The invoice is to be paid online, and this amount secures your appointment. Without this payment, your day/time are not secured and after multiple attempts to contact you, your appointment time may be given to another client, if requested.

The balance of your payment is due at the time of your appointment at the latest. You can pay using all major credit cards (Visa, AMEX, Mastercard). An online invoice is sent to your email following your appointment request, so you can also choose to pay online via credit card PRIOR to the shoot. If we are meeting an assistant, homeowner, or any person who is NOT responsible for making the balance payment for the shoot, arrangement must be made ahead of time for online payment. Please plan ahead.

Deposit/Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:

We understand that weather and plans can change, and we are flexible with rescheduling. We just ask that you notify us by email or phone at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. For cancellations/reschedules with less than 24 hours notice (and non-drive to property), the $100 deposit to secure the appointment will be forfeited. If less than 24 hours notice is given AND we don’t find out that it’s being cancelled/rescheduled until we’re already en route to the property or at the property, the $100 deposit to secure the appointment will be forfeited, AND IN ADDITION the client will be billed for 30% of the total cost of the job.

Re-shoot Policy:

We can return to your property on another day to re-shoot a handful of images (up to 6) for $99. This is great for properties that we have already shot and have added staging or were not prepared by the time of the photo/video shoot. Otherwise, the full price of the shoot will be invoiced.

The following should be done prior to your appointment:

> All interior and exterior lights turned on
> Sweep driveway
> Remove Trash Cans
> Uncover BBQs, pools, spas
> Turn on all water features
> Remove for sale signs from yard/windows
> Remove vehicles from driveway and front of property.  For busy streets please leave your car in front to ensure no one else parks there.
> Turn off all ceiling fans
> Please have pets contained
> Bedrooms: please have all clothes put away, beds made and personal items stored
> Bathrooms: please remove all personal items removed from sink (tooth brushes, skin care, makeup, cologne, perfume, etc)
> Kitchen: clear countertops and please remove any personal items from the fridge, dirty plates and dishes, cleaners/soap/detergents.

We always recommend that the home owners not be present at the time of the shoot, but we understand that this is not always possible. To ensure you’re able to have the maximum number of photos taken in the time allotted for your appointment, we just ask that the home owner be in a different part of the house from where we’re shooting. For multiple-service shoots, we often perform both services at the same time (2 photographers). We shoot in different places of the home/property at one time, so it’s best NOT to plan on a “we’ll move things as you shoot” strategy.

Please do not have any other service providers (painters, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, appraisers, house cleaners) scheduled at the same time, as we will need access to the entire property while we are there. If any other service providers are scheduled for the same day of the shoot (even if they’re scheduled to be finished prior to us arriving), please make arrangements to check on their status and notify them that they may have to stop what they are doing and leave the property when it’s time for our appointment. Communication between all parties is really the key.

Authorization To Be On Site:
By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the agent or anyone filling out the shoot request form on behalf of the agent gives full permission for REWS Media – and any Independent Contractors (such as photographers or assistants) REWS Media hires – to be on-site, at the property address listed on the form during the day and time agreed upon between REWS Media and the person coordinating the appointment day and time. This agreement is between REWS Media and the hiring agent, and the agent gives this authorization on behalf of any homeowner, property management person/entity, tenant, or anyone else residing at the property.

Media Rights and Licensing:
REWS Media retains full rights to all media (photos, video, floor plans, websites) deliver to clients. Agents, coordinators, homeowners, or any other person or entity hiring REWS Media is given the license (built into the pricing) to use purchased media for up to 1 year and for the sole purpose of listing the property. Because REWS Media only holds onto media for a maximum of 1 year from the shoot, additional costs and fees may accompany reshooting the property and obtaining additional licensing. Any use of delivered media that extends beyond the listing of the property and/or the 1 year period, requires permission (in writing) from REWS Media.

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