How will my floor plan be delivered?

Your floor plan will be included in your delivery email in 3 formats: PDF, web-sized jpg, MLS-sized jpg – usually as attachments. For any print uses, please use the PDF version, and the MLS-sized version, as it states, is ready for upload to the MLS without any editing or resizing.

The floor plan will also be added to your property website, and if you have a Premium Property Website, hot spots with links to photos can also be included. This allows user to mouse over each hot spot to reveal the image that was taken from that spot on the floor plan.

Please note that while we can offer a square footage (upon request), we do not recommend using it as an “official” measurement. It is an approximate number, to be used for reference only. REWS Media is not licensed to offer an official measurement and is not responsible for inaccuracies regarding the square footage of any property.

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