What kind of Real Estate photos really appeal to buyers searching online?

Research by the National Association of Realtors has already shown us that the overwhelming majority of home buyers start their search for a home online. And while you might be onboard to have professional photography as a means of making a great first impression online, do you know what specific kinds of photos draw the most appeal?

It’s all about having your property stand out from the rest, and research has indicated there are a few key features about your property photography that will draw more appeal than others.

A company called Tobii, known for it’s research in eye tracking research, has done several studies related to “shopper research”, and specifically related to real estate, they found that viewers tended to gravitate more toward photos that:

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  • feature great exterior shots, leaving plenty of space to capture the whole house in the shot and also including some surrounding sky and foliage.
  • include twilight shots
  • are well-lit
  • contain post-processing to enhance both contrast and color saturation


So, what does that tell us? Well, first of all, if you’re planning to have professional photography be a part of your online marketing, you need to make sure you are working with a photographer that has this mind. Take a look at their samples, and see if they reflect these elements. If you don’t see it in the samples, you’re probably not going to get it in your property photography.

Secondly, not all photography is created equal. Clearly there are preferences regarding what prospective buyers look for and are pulled to. Your photographer should not only have the skills necessary to snap these great shots; they should also have their clients in mind when decided which type of shots to capture and recommend.

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