Media + Strategy to increase your exposure and stay top-of-mind!

shooting On-Scene

From video walkthroughs and reels to agent-centered Blasts, get the message out to thousands of prospective clients who want to see who you are and why you are unique

These social media packages allow you step outside of the norm and really be creative with the messaging to your audience.

Our 2 most common services:

Property Reels: A sped-up video walkthrough that offers a quick view of the home. This can be done for the whole home or just a few select areas to really accentuate certain aspects. Comes with an audio track, but you can also override it by choosing your own track when posting on social media.

Agent Reels: This one is all about the agent. Rather than always focusing on the property, this approach puts you front and center. Whether you’re showing off your expertise by focusing on a couple features of the home – or you’re simply using a listing as your background environment – this short video is all about you

Strategy behind Social Media

Great media is a huge asset, but it’s just a tool. Great posts have a targeted strategy behind them and use that media to help the messaging. 

We don’t just leave you on your own to best use the media we provide; we also offer guidance on how to align that media with a specific goal.  And this strategy is included with every social media shoot.

How is EVERY post you put up …
  1. aligned with your branding?  –> clear and consistent message.
  2. helping inform your target audience? –> be helpful and informative.
  3. building trust with your audience? –> so they want to work with you.

pre-marketing packages for social media

Sometimes you have a listing that’s going to need a little bit more attention on the marketing side.  Maybe the property isn’t 100% show-ready yet (repairs, fixes, etc), but you still need to get some eyes on it.

Maybe you want to show what it looks like prior to a remodel or before staging goes in – consider doing a Before & After Video to show how you helped transform or remodel a space.

Driving attention to your listing before it’s officially on the market can give your social media audience a sneak peak of what you really do for your clients and who you truly are as an agent.

custom deliverables for social

After we’ve done the shoot, the choice is yours regarding deliverables.

  • Do you need a 30-second video or a 60-second video?
  • Do you need a Property Reel Video of the whole house in 1 video file – or also in multiple files accentuating different parts of the home – or both?
  • Is everything going into a single social media post, or is this a multi-post approach?

This is the opportunity to really custom-build the media we provide to match your social media goals. The more we know about your social media goals (short and long-term), the better we can cater the media to fit your messaging.

Content Creation days

Looking to have us out to shoot a bunch of content all at one time? We’ve got you covered!

From Reels and Shorts to Teasers and Pre-Marketing, you can get everything done in one visit.  You can bank all your media and release when it’s most convenient for you.