2 Things Every Successful Agent Knows about Real Estate Photography

Based on experience, feedback, and current research, we know of 2 things that will definitely help you “up your game” when it comes to planning, scheduling, and using Real Estate Photography on your listings.


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  • Knowing what to photograph based on your property & buyer behavior on listing sites
  • Knowing how to plan and communicate that to your photographer


There are plenty of sources that will tell you what key things you need to do with your existing Real Estate Photography; however few actually tell you what you can do to research and plan for it. Exposure and marketing are important – don’t get us wrong. But you also want to make sure that what you are marketing is right for your audience.

With these 2 things in place, you increase the chances that your listing will be viewed, viewed in more detail, and viewed for a longer period of time on listing sites.


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Let us know what else you have found useful regarding planning for Real Estate Photography.


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