media and marketing services for real estate agents

Let our media and marketing do the heavy lifting – you have enough on your plate.

Property shoots

Custom-built property shoots come in all varieties, depending on the size of the property as well as the goals of the shoot – to be discussed with the agent when booking.

Typical packages include photo, video, and website services. We have add-ons, such as agent on-camera, floor plans, Matterport tours, and aerial services (see below).

For larger customized jobs, we recommend either half-day (4.5 hours on scene) or full day (8 hours on scene) projects, and we do everything we can in that time period.

With this customized approach, you get everything you need for each unique listing and client – nothing wasted, nothing unexpected!

agent bio & marketing videos

As our top priority is serving the real estate agent as a whole, it just makes sense that you’re going to want to do some personalized marketing – and the best way to communicate your brand, who you are, and what you have to offer prospective clients is through VIDEO.

Maybe this is an introduction to you as the agent and what you bring to the table, or maybe you’re interested in producing an educational video to help provide value to your prospective clients. Or even if you just want some good quality content for social media, we can help you there too.

And don’t forget client TESTIMONIALS.  This is the key to building your brand and your exposure because people’s recommendations of you already adds trust. It’s like meeting you … before they meet you – and one of your clients is speaking highly of you, so odds are you’re going to have a great lead.

Our goal is to create stunning and professional videos, make sure they’re getting it in front of the right eyes, and help you get leads! 

Marketing & Strategy sessions

Who are you as an agent? Where are you now, and where do you want to go? What are your short-term and long-term goals as an agent?

These are the types of questions we ask when we sit down with you 1-on-1 to assess what you need and how we can get you there.

Most photographers & videographers show up to the shoot, deliver the final materials, and then maybe they see you again in the future – they’re LISTING-focused.

We are AGENT-focused, so we take a look at everything we can do for you and your marketing from a consulting perspective. Yes, it includes photos and video for listings, but there’s so much more we can offer you. And everything we do for you is in line with your goals, so there are no surprises  or guessing what you’re getting into.

While our competition is only helping with your current listing, we’re busy helping you get your next three!

Other services & add-ons

Agent on-camera:

Personalize your video and leading your viewers through the property, making note of exactly what you want them to see.  This can also be done audio-only as an overlay – for those who don’t feel comfortable on-camera.

Stand-alone Aerial/Drone:

These are good for lot properties (with no actual structures on the land), view properties where the main selling point is the view and location, and if the interior of the home really isn’t that hot. FAA licensed, clearance to fly based on location, please inquire when booking the job.

Floor Plan:

Obtain a 2d floor plan of the property that includes laser-measured dimensions of common spaces. We have also have site-plan options if you’re interested.

Matterport 3D Tour:

These things are really hot now, and prospective buyers love being able to essentially give themselves a tour of the home from the comfort of their couch.