Good Idea or Bad: RE Photography with Decorations?


The holiday season is here, and people are getting their homes set up for the holidays. It’s a regular practice by most to decorate both the interior and the exterior of the home. That we can all agree on. But what do you do if you’re trying to sell your home at the same time?

Adding decorations to a home is not only festive, it may also give buyers the perspective of what it will look like to decorate their new home. Clearly this could be used as an advantage. But aren’t Real Estate marketing photos supposed to be general and objective, to give home buyers an unbiased, politically correct idea of how they could envision their new home?


So, here are a couple of questions we’d like to ask the Real Estate & Photography communities:

(1) When marketing your property during the holiday season, should you include holiday decorations?

(2) If so, should homeowners select just the interior, just the exterior, or is both okay?

(3) Is there a happy compromise where minimal decoration is okay but crossing some “unknown” line is too much?

We’d love to hear your thought on the matter. We’re trying to pull comments that could help photographers as well as agents and homeowners.

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